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Take advantage of the market volatility, invest in Energies, Grains and Softs today!

With you have access to a variety of commodities. Our Selection of CFD Commodities includes Energies, Grains and Softs. Enjoy our wide range of instruments from the biggest commodity exchanges and trade products from all over the world.

Type of Settlement: Cash
  • no expiry date (rollover)
  • mostly used in short-term trading
Type of Settlement: Futures
  • fixed expiry date
  • mostly used in long-term trading
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Important Notice:
Please note that swaps are based on market interest rates, which may vary from time to time and are subject to changes according to our liquidity providers’ rates. Swaps are calculated according to the following formula:
  • 1. Swaps are calculated as follows:
Lot Size x Swap Points x Point Value.
  • 2. Triple swaps apply on Fridays.
SymbolMinimum Spread (points)Minimum Price FluctuationValue of 1 LotPip Value Per 1 LotSwap Rate (points)Settlement
BRTUSD.80.01100 Barrels1.00 USD-3.16-2.93Cash
BRTUSD80.011000 Barrels10.00 USD-3.16-2.93Cash
Coffee450.0137500 Pounds375 USD-25.37-12.66Futures
CORN780.011000 Bushels0.50 USD-21.42-10.69Futures
Cotton1080.0150 Pounds0.50 USD-1.9-0.95Futures
NaturalGas200.00110000 Btu1.00 USD-2.505-1.56Futures
OIL-CNT90.011000 Barrels10.00 USD-3.64-2.86Cash
SUGAR180.011120 Pounds11.20 USD-0.24-0.09Futures
WHEAT2580.011000 Barrels0.50 USD-27.32-13.64Futures
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